There’s two things we love at Rock and Roll Scene: rock and roll and art. At Rock and Roll Scene we offer original art at affordable prices so that you can show your walls some love by adorning them with your favorite bands and musicians—without breaking the bank. Our art will be offered in limited editions so you won’t have to worry about seeing the same picture you own at a friend’s house when you go to listen to music there.

We love it when others share our taste in music. It’s a little trickier, however, when it comes to art. Sure, we think it’s great when people admire the art in our home. But it’s dispiriting going to someone’s house and seeing the same piece of art you own hanging on their wall, isn’t it? Unless you’re interested in dating that person. In that case, it’s cool, because it means you share the same taste.

Remember when record stores were plentiful? And you’d spend hours at the stores combing through the bins looking for must-have records and cut-outs? That’s what we want you to do here. Check out our galleries. Find and enjoy art portraying the musicians and bands who mean the most to you.

As Luther Vandross and Mavis Staples sang (and others, but our favorite version is Mavis’s), A House Is Not A Home until it has some art in it from Rock and Roll Scene.

Prints are made to order and are shipped via the USPS in a sturdy cylindrical tube. Delivery usually takes one to two weeks.

All prints come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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